Category: cubiclewarfare

This disappearing ink pen is perfect for sabotaging your co-workers notes..or even your bosses! ;D

Put unicorn meat on the menu! Perfect for placement in a very obvious place. Guaranteed to draw attention. 

This nifty device simulates ringtones causing your co-workers to fruitlessly search for it!

Scare your office workers with this realistic remote control squeaky mouse!

Slither into your office with this super realistic snake and scare the dung clean out of your co-workers!

This is the ULTIMATE pranking kit for the novice or elite prankster!

These candy balls are so ridiculously hot they’ll set your co-workers tongues on fire! 

Scare the living daylights out of your co-workers with this Devilish Device brought to you by ThinkGeek!

Conduct cubicle warfare in your office with the USB rocket launcher!